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EDUCATION: Family Days; rooms featuring interactive children's activities, adults' study resources, in "Telling Time: To Everything There Is a Season" exhibition through spring 2002; other programs

Adults and children of all ages enjoy the Museum's Family Days and workshops, with special programs led by trained artists/educators. In these workshops, geared to specific age ranges, viewing an exhibition becomes the inspiration for exciting interactive art projects using various media or techniques. Phone Julie Ulmer, Education Curator, 510/549-6943, for information.


Trained docents are available Wednesdays, Sundays, and some Thursdays to lead guests on informative tours of the Magnes's permanent and changing exhibitions. At other times, docents are available by special arrangement. To schedule group or special tours, phone the Docent Coordinator at 510/549-6943.

PHONE (510)581-5425.

*Your Grandparents and Mine: Jewish Immigration to the U.S. 1880-1920
This stirring presentation traces the momentous saga of Eastern European Jewish immigrants-from persecution in "the old country" to travails and successes in the new. Featured are documents and personal memorabilia of families in our community, as well as art and artifacts from the Magnes Museum.

*Artists of Conscience: Images from the American Depression
A powerful show featuring the art works of William Gropper, Ben Shahn and other prominent social activist artists of the 1930s. A rare look back at the Depression era. Based on an extensive exhibit at the Magnes held in 1997.
*It's Art, but is it Jewish?
People often ask what Jewish art is, or why human figures are included when there is a "graven image" prohibition. This enlightening presentation of prints and paintings provides some answers.
*The Spiritual Connection: The Land of Israel Through Art
The yearning over the centuries of Jews for Jerusalem and their love of Israel as portrayed through the eyes of artists and photographers. Prominent among them are Boris Schatz, Shlomo Katz, Moshe Castel and Ephraim Lilien.
*The Hebrew Bible in Art
>From Creation to the Books of Job and Ruth, this show presents art works inspired by the vivid imagery of Bible stories and themes. Much of the contemporary art is from the Magnes Museum.

*Let's Celebrate: The Jewish Holiday Cycle
A joyous program that takes a trip around the Jewish Holiday Calendar, with a look at the Museum's special ceremonial art and artifacts. Celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Sukkoth, Chanukah, Purim, and Passover with us.
*The Passover Haggadah: A Reflection of the Jewish Experience
Why are Polish "Four Sons" different from "Four Sons" in San Francisco? Attend an unusual "Seder" as you view Haggadah illustrations from many periods of Jewish history and from the many lands where Jews have lived.
*Flames of Freedom
Delight in the Chanukah holiday though a portrayal of the Museum's extensive collection of Chanukah lamps from around the world, with tales of the communities from which they come.

*Chicken Soup and Other Miracles: Jewish Food and Culinary Traditions
From manna to bagels - this program portrays the flavor of Jewish life and its connections to food at holiday celebrations and life cycle events- an unusual slide show that incorporates the Biblical, historic, ethnic and medicinal aspects of food traditions handed down through the generations.
*Against the Evil Eye: Magic and Folk Beliefs in Jewish Tradition
In this intriguing program, a corner of the veil has been lifted into the mysteries of Jewish lore and mythology. The colorful slide show presents folk practices as illustrated by art and amulets from Magnes Collections.
*After Eden: Jewish Dress and Fashions
This presentation examines how religion, politics, and culture haveinfluenced the way Jews dress, from the High Priest's garment tocontemporary attire.
*The Voice of Joy: The Jewish Wedding
This lively program offers an enchanting visual feast of wedding customs from communities around the world.

*The Righteous Among the Nations: Rescue and Resistance in World War II
The moving stories of remarkable men and women of many nationalities who resisted the Nazis, risking their lives to save Jews from the Holocaust.
*When Hatred Reigns: A Chronicle in Art
This unique show traces the centuries-old history of anti-Semitism in Europe from Roman days to modern times through illuminations, sculptures and other art. The era of the 1930s and 40s is depicted in striking paintings by two
German-Jewish artists.

*Gold Fever
An exciting account of Jewish life and personalities during the Gold Rush, and the Pioneers' contribution to early California.
*Gold Fever, the Sequel
An historical look at the era following the Gold Rush. Discover the roots of today's Jewish communities of the Bay Area and Northern California and the legacy of the
Jewish Pioneer families.
*The Distaff Side: Jewish Pioneer Women of the Bay Area (Not a slide show)
A delightful narrative performance dramatizing the lives of notable Jewish women and their role in the history of the West from Gold Rush days to the early part of this century.
*"I Was Happy to Find Another Girl My Age.." (Not a slide show)
Theatrical readings of authentic letters and first-hand accounts from early Gold Rush days. Material from the archives of Magnes Museum's Western History Center.

*Witnesses to Jewish History: Political & Social Posters
Slides of posters dating back two centuries show movements and changes that Have shaped Jewish history in this country, Europe and Israel. From the Magnes
*They Deserve a Medal
Beautiful sculptured medals from Magnes Museum's Jewish American Hall of Fame showcase the achievements of men and women in American Jewish history.
*Magnes to the Rescue
Travel on a pictorial journey to former centers of Jewish life in Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and hear the exciting "inside" stories of the treasures that the Magnes Museum has rescued from those locations.
*Vanished Jewish Communities of Eastern Europe
An artistic slide presentation that tenderly recalls "Fiiddler on the Roof" characters. A warm and poignant portrait of "Shtetl" life through the works of artists.

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